Sell My House Fast in Lorain County Ohio

How To Save High Costs on Ohio Property Sales with Easy Exit Group

Do you seek to sell your house fast in Lorain County, Ohio, or other locations for a good deal? The Easy Exit Group can provide you with the anticipated offer for a cash sale of your property!

Selling a house in Ohio, or any property for that matter, via typical methods can involve a stringent and sometimes lengthy process. Apart from the due diligence of adhering to the process, you also pay out of pocket. Unfortunately, it’s often at 6% or more.

When selling a property or house in Lorain County and other parts of Ohio, expect to pay or bear the following types of costs:

All property transfers in any Ohio county require paying a transfer tax, whose ratio is marked at paying $1 per $1000 of the sale price. Accordingly, the transfer tax can climb pretty high for a house or property with hundreds of thousands as the selling price. However, it may not be applicable equally or at all on a cash property sale.

Recording a new deed is mandatory for any property transfer or sale in Ohio. The initial pages of the deed can require paying ~$50, which can grow by ~$10 per additional page. In total, it can easily climb to a hundred dollars or so, which homeowners must bear in most scenarios.

For seller concessions that are made during deal negotiation (if any) concerning repairs or other works, the homeowner must bear the sum of the commitment.

Hiring an attorney is not mandated per the laws of Ohio State. Still, as a safe practice, homeowners prefer to hire them, which is undoubtedly smart, too. Likewise, the seller of the property must also bear their legal fees, often paid when closing the deal.

Together, such fees and expenses can add up to tens of thousands of dollars, which fundamentally reduce the gains of homeowners upon a property sale. But what if you were told you could save all these expenses and pocket all the amount? It’s true!

Contrary to the established norms you must follow and the cost you must pay, the property sale for cash is a stellar option to save money. But money is not the only thing you save since a cash sale of your property also helps you save taxes and any elaborate hassles that demand time.

The concept of selling your house or property fast for cash involves a same-day transaction where the homeowners get the money right away. A transaction of such nature usually does not involve any extra costs that may be paid separately.

In many of the United States of the USA, cash house sale deals are offered as a service by specific companies, like Easy Exit Group offers in Ohio. So, when you want to sell your house or property fast in Ohio, choosing Easy Exit Group can help you save on the extra costs mentioned above.

But still, there are additional reasons why you should consider and choose Easy Exit Group.

  • Simple Process of Property Sale for Ready Cash
  • Trustworthy Same-Day & Hassle-free Cash Sale
  • Get Complete Legal Documentation & Paperwork
  • Decide Your Own Timeline
  • And many more!

On top of these benefits, the entire process takes only a few steps that can be completed in minutes.

  1. Send Details
  2. Receive Cash Offers
  3. Decide Sale Date/Timeline
  4. Get Paid

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